Words from the Designer

"This season I wanted to make something that you could wear with your own style and life in mind. It's about being super comfortable, AND looking stylishly fabulous while out and about at work and at play."
- Annie Thomspon

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Hi,As usual, you’ve outdone yoersulf. I NEVER get tired of looking at your quilts, both front and back. And it doesn’t hurt that the settings for your pictures are so delicious! Keep up the good work. My only question is where do you get the time and energy to do all of this????Linda


Oh!!! the quilt bag looks awesome!!! I would love to win this ONE> But I am not going to lie, I only know the ansewr for 4. Edward Scissorhands, The corpse bride and Sleepy Hollow, and thats because Diana and I were talking about ita couple of weeks ago lol!!! I sure wish Diana wins this one she would really love it (Me too though) :( I only saw the first Charlie and the Chocolate factory years and years ago so I don’t know the ansewrs :( Anyways good luck to everybody who knew the ansewrs!


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