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OMG LIV GET THEM ALL!!!sorry, that was my first initial reoctian to your post.I agree with Anya, get the classic quilted shoulder bag, it’s a classic for a reason! and it will be timeless and versatile because it can be worn with everything!and if anything, since I don’t have a Chanel bag and won’t be buying one any time soon, I can at least vicariously buy it through you :)


Love love love it!! I have been resisting mainkg this quilt for several years now, not as if I don’t have a big pile of BOMs stacked up already. But you did such a fabulous job with it, and I can feel myself cracking under the pressure and pea-green envy it’s hanging in your house not mine right now, lol. Beautiful quilting too!


Yes. My great uncle passed away last night, pefelaulcy in his sleep surrounded by his wife and daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren. He lived his 93 years on this earth to the fullest. Not all of us are this lucky. I’ll help.


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