The Wearable Art Show

We are so excited to be participating in The Wearable Art Show this weekend! Come check it out! 

The Wearable Art Show
Daniels Spectrum Cultural Centre | Toronto
Sat Oct 25, 10am-5pm
Sun Oct 26, 10am-4pm


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Have you noticed ftseive CHRISTmas colors being worn yet? These are interesting get-ups, with stylish flare, but aren’t there any bright reds and greens and sparkles that express Merry CHRISTmas on your streets? i’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the season.


These are gorgeous cunsiohs, and a great tutorial, thank you! My question is how do you know how to get the right size cushion cover for the cushion. In the past when I’ve made cunsiohs the cover has either been a bit saggy (not a good look) or too snug (looks great on the front but it looks a bit ‘stretched’ at the back.) Is there a magic forumla when calculating cushion cover size v inner cushion size??! PS I love your sofa soooo much too :-)


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