Spooky Sale

Hello busy and beautiful friends of aT Artelier,
We have a little Halloween surprise for you this week/weekend so put on your masks and pop in for your TREATS!

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Pretty, pretty prtcuie, although I have no clue as to a name for it. At the moment, I am waiting on a shipment of yarn so I can get to work on a baby blanket (or two) for my cousin and his wife (who are expecting child #3 in April). I also need to find some yarn for a throw for a housewarming gift for friends of mine, so I’m hitting the local yarn shop today in hopes of inspiration. I’m going crazy without something to work on!


You have out done yourself!! Love the new Over The Rainbow maairetl and patterns. Can’t wait to put my hands on some. Thank You for having the quilting passion.


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