Our aim is to create the best clothes and the best bags possible with the following criteria in mind:

Style – that you always look and feel your best, whether dressed in your comfy Annie downtime sweats or attending a dressy affair, is important to me.  I draw into play design lines which direct attention to our assets and lead the eye up and down the body. Adding ease to the fit around tummies and hips is also complimentary. Our uncommon aesthetic warrants a multiplicity of looks for each individual wearer.  We love that. The idea behind our designs is to give you, the wearer, an opportunity to be the person you are, enhance the you that is you, with styles into which you inject your own personality.  Then you are comfortable.

Comfort – if the garment is not comfortable you will not cherish it. Stretch fabrics, naturals and organics are what feel best on the skin.  They breathe with you. In tailored looks we incorporate inserts of stretch so you have the look of the quintessential beautifully tailored vest, jacket or pant with the ease of movement of a stretch garment.  Also, incorporating naturals with spandex/lycra offers the comfort we like to live in. I am the ‘fit model’ for my collections so I can wear each design to learn how to make it look and feel better.  These garments are not (just) about fashion. They are about art and life – your life.

Utilitarianism – practicality is necessary in the flurry of our modern lives. I believe I may have earned the crown for ‘Pocket Queen’. Pockets are necessary for functionality.

Also, clothes need to be tossed easily into in the wash.  That is our aim (although not always possible with linings and trims). Our designs look great when new but we insist that they look even better when they’ve taken on the well-loved, well-worn look. Don’t be precious with our garments.  Wear them for life.  Be original.

Eco – creating the smallest carbon footprint - we use organic, re-cycled and up-cycled fabrics for our clothing and bags.  We recycle and-or re-use all of our pattern paper and our fabric scraps. 

Every piece is hyper-local-green - cut and sewn, button holed and pressed within a radius of 35km.  We are doing everything we can to keep design and production local and that, we believe, has value.  We source many of our great fabrics from Canadian suppliers to avoid singular, cross-ocean shipments.  Longevity of your pieces is also our goal.  Good quality and good design are eco in and of themselves.  Wear your Annie’s for years and years avoiding landfill like gazillions of fast-fashion styles produced by the tens of thousands around the globe.

Unisex – numerous designs at Annie Thompson are wearable by any and all sexes.  Most need simply a little ‘fit tweak’.  We welcome all of you. 


We enjoy you, as humans, as characters. We enjoy your life stories. We appreciate you and we hope you feel that every time you visit us or even make an on-line purchase.  We want you to feel wonderful in our unique clothes and wear them for life. 

Many thank you’s for counting on us. 

Annie Thompson