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Since 1981 the AT brand has integrated body-appreciating comfort into fashion-forward design.

Thompson approaches style sustainably. Winner of numerous design awards, most recently, the Vanguard Award for Sustainability in Canadian Fashion, Thompson creates micro collections and made to-order pieces inspired by seasonal and situational needs. 

Her silhouettes, fabric combinations and detailed stitching combine to create Thompson’s solid and timeless style - another aspect of AT sustainability.  

Fondly dubbed, ‘The Pocket Queen’, she integrates no-nonsense, deep,
functional pockets and utilitarian details such as two-way zippers into her slow fashion designs. 

AT has been designed and produced in Canada since 1981. Not to be consumed at the rate of fast fashion her sustainable and ethically produced fashion leaves little footprint.

Thompson knows many of her patrons personally.  Working together in-studio can greatly inform the designs - to be worn for life.

Know who made your clothes.  
Wear them for years. 
Enjoy and stand in your own personal style. 

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About Annie Thompson

I am a Hands-On designer.
I love to dream up new styles, to create the patterns, source the textiles, cut, sew, press, finish and even ship the handmade products. I love to connect with the humans I create for - to understand their needs, their uniquenesses, their lives, their desires. I like to help
them present themselves in their own unique style and make them feel peachy.
I encourage them to be themselves through their personal style and also through my ability to create garments that work for them and for their lives.  Styles that flatter them and feel very comfortable so they can move freely. Garments that they can wear for life. 

We offer the service of independent fashion creation for unique personalities, bodies and needs. Washable style and quality that does not end up in landfill. Heirloom fashion that gets handed down because
it holds value. 

My aim is to have a truly positive effect on the wearer - to empower humans with well-thought-out-design and help them put their best selves forward for the benefit of all around them.

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Design Inspirations

  • People who are comfortable in their own skin and are kind and generous of spirit
  • People who care for the earth and are doing all they can do to help halt climate change.
  • Open-minded, open-hearted people
  • Dancers, musicians, artists - their arts - inspire me. 
  • Great music of all genres.  I visualize garment shapes, fabrics and dance movements when music I love is playing. Great music makes me play along
    on the drums, keyboard, synth, glockenspiel, sing and dance.  That makes me happy.  When I am uplifted I create good things.  Creating excites
  • When we are self-expressed creatively we are generally happier, more excited about life and emotionally invigorated
  • Fabrics inspire new design ideas - shapes, drapes, movement, details… combinations of textures and colours…
  • Great architecture inspires me: window frames, doors, textural combinations, Gaudi. 
  • Light and shadow inspire me. Colour combinations in nature inspire me: numerous sky and water blues together, mossy, grassy greens together.
  • Playing with kids inspire me - getting silly and letting imagination and intuition lead.
  • Long bike rides and lake swims inspire me. Feeling the air, regarding nature as you glide by, working the body.  This creates a feeling of calm.  Then I create well.

Design Considerations

Which fabrics are going to imbue the BEST shape, drape, comfort, ease of movement, look and style?
Which fabrics will create a fresh combination, a fresh look, something interesting, long-lasting and cool?
Which accessories/notions will give it the look I want: zippers, thread colour, buttons, styles of buttonholes, buckles, clasps, velcro, closures, etc?
Where are the most useful, most flattering and most comfortable places to add pockets to this style? 
How deep do the pockets need to be for what folks want to carry in them?  Do we need closures (zip/velcro/buttons/snaps) on the pocket or pocket flap to keep our goods secure?
When you throw your coat on the bed at a party will your glasses and lipstick still be in the pockets when you grab your coat to leave?
What length is the most modern, elegant and forward for this garment - sleeves and body?
Shall I wash, dry and press this fabric before cutting the garment so the buyer can toss it in the wash for easy care without shrinkage?
What areas of the body to highlight and accentuate by way of seams, topstitching details, etc., 
And what to understate to create a most flattering garment?
What to wear this garment with - footwear, layered garments, etc., to invent interesting looks with one new piece.  How to create versatility for the wearer in every new item.
How to make it look really good on different body types.

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