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Annie Thompson

B Star Jacket I Black Linen

B Star Jacket I Black Linen

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Imagine slipping into the embodiment of sustainable funk + luxury: a meticulously crafted fashion jacket, born from the creative depths of a niche Canadian designer.

The 'B Star' jacket stands as a testament to both style and conscientiousness, crafted locally in Canada with a true commitment to sustainability, earning its creator the prestigious Vanguard Sustainability Award for Canadian Fashion.

Cut from fine black linen, its thoughtful design elements speak volumes of its artisanal origins and elevate it to a realm of artistic sophistication. The 'B Star' features zippered, functional bust pockets, adding utility and charm to its silhouette. A center front, 2-way zipper, grants versatility, allowing for various styling options and comfortable, flattering wearability. The pleated back inset sets this piece apart creating an elegant drape that whispers of timeless grace with a hint of cheeky funk. Responsible fashion that you will wear with pride.

The B Star jacket can be ordered in black linen and in a multitude of custom fabrics.

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